Terms of Use

Last updated: September 26, 2018

I. Thank you for using our website and platform. Please read these terms and conditions («Terms of Use») carefully. They specify the terms of use of our website (www.graphiq.design) («the Website») and related services and software («the Platform») whether you are a guest or a registered user («Client»). By visiting and/or using the Website, you accept the Terms of Use.

II. The Website is run by Graphiq Technologies AS («Graphiq»), NO 916 705 416, with registered business address c/o 657 Fredensborgveien 24D, 0177 Oslo.

1. Introduction

1.1 The Terms of Use apply to any use of the Website. Graphiq retains all rights and ownership related to the Website and Platform. Commercial use of the content on the Website and Platform requires written permission from Graphiq.

1.2 Graphiq wants to ensure a safe use of the Website. The Client agrees that Graphiq can make a background check of the Client. Graphiq processes all personal information in accordance with Norwegian law.

1.3 The Client accepts Graphiq's use of «cookies» with the purpose of improving the Website and Platform.

2. Confidentiality, competition etc.

2.1 All information about Graphiq's business model, strategy, prices, and technical solutions are confidential and shall not be made available to third parties. The Customer shall to ensure that employees and other associated personnel are required to comply with the duty of confidentiality.

2.2 If the Client, in current or future projects, wishes to engage subcontractors or other service providers that the Client has become aware of through the assignment or Platform, this shall be done using the Platform. This restriction is valid for one year after the date of this agreement. If the Client enters into engagement in violation of the obligations deriving from this contract, the Client shall pay to Graphiq fifty percent of the gross revenue of the assignment, and at least NOK 50 000. In case of breach of this restriction clause, the Client shall notify Graphiq.

2.3 The Customer is further obliged to refrain from using price and time estimates and other competition sensitive information for their own commercial use.

3. Other provisions

3.1 The Client uses the Website and Platform at his own risk, and Graphiq is not liable for any loss related to the use of these services beyond what is stated in any assignment contract between Graphiq and the Client.

3.2 The agreement is subject to Norwegian law, with Oslo District Court as the legal venue.

In case of any questions regarding the Website, Platform or this agreement, please contact:

Email: hello@graphiq.design