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Our web design experts are able to take your ideas into life on the web. We'll help you with completely new websites, re-design, Wordpress, Webflow, CMS and much more.

our service offering
Classic Company Website

kr 30 000 – 100 000

2 – 6 weeks

A website with 4-8 pages promoting your business, products and/or services. After creation, you will be able to easily edit and publish content.
Landing Page

kr 15 000 – 30 000

1 – 3 weeks

A single-page website that is simple and focused. It prompts visitors to complete the task, for example: Sign up, Subscribe, Order, etc.

kr 30 000 – 80 000

2 – 4 weeks

We set up the blog and create the design so you can create and publish new content with ease.

kr 40 000 – 120 000

3 – 8 weeks

Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, we will implement and provide advice on how to run a successful, easy-to-use webshop that your customers will be able to navigate with ease.
Custom Website

From kr 30 000

From 2 weeks

A custom-built website or custom-made web design.
Client reference
Website for Blue Impact AS

"I rarely recommend professional services, but I am definitely going to recommend Graphiq to other business relations. Great service, high quality and easy collaboration."

Karl Fjelde Nevland, Co-founder, Blue Impact AS

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