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Website for Blue Impact

Check out how we made the Norwegian technology company look professional on the web
"I rarely recommend professional services, but I am definitely going to recommend Graphiq to other business relations. Great service, high quality and easy collaboration."
Karl Fjelde Nevland, Co-founder, Blue Impact AS

The Brief

Blue Impact develops a high-tech solution for mechanical dispersion of oil spills at sea, based on many years of research from Norway's most important research institute SINTEF. The client wanted a simple and clean website explaining Blue Impacts mission and technology. In addition it was important to the client that the website was easy for them to operate and update themselves.

The Solution

Graphiq connected Blue Impact with an experienced web designer within 24 hours after their project request. We delivered a fixed price on the project well within their budget. The client and designer quickly agreed on the website setup and UX. Through quick iterations the client and designer collaborated closely so the website met their demands and visual style. The client provided the necessary content along the way to secure a swift and high quality delivery within the scoped timeframe. Here are screenshots of the website:

The front page of the website, displaying a video explaining the Blue Impact technology

The page explaining the technology and a call to action to capture the email address of interested people

A page telling the story of Blue Impact's exciting journey so far

And lastly, the all important contact page

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