This is our manifesto.
Our vision and drive for why we do what we do.

The freedom economy is coming. We are creating the digital infrastructure to empower it.

Oslo, January 2017

According to the World Economic Forum the 4th Industrial Revolution “is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.” A vital part of this is the so-called “freedom economy” where people work independently without the boundaries of big corporations. Meaning they can work when they want, from where they want, and with who they want. The old corporation model is flawed, and here’s why:

On the one hand, their customers are paying them insanely high hourly rates so they can afford expensive offices, ineffective meetings, corporate retreats to ski resorts and freshly baked cookies on Monday morning. Large corporations and agencies are basically ineffectiveness systemized, where their customers have to pay the bill.

On the other hand, their employees have to be at work from 9 to 17 (regardless of how effective they work), they have to ask their boss for time off (and probably be rejected) and work on the projects their boss tell them to (even if it’s hiding taxes for another evil corporation). Their most fierce competition comes from their own co-workers in the constant battle of climbing the corporate ladder. But most importantly their skills are not valued, it’s all about who is most senior.

The freedom economy is coming. Who wouldn’t exchange a cubicle and working on a shitty tax report, with sitting in Graphiq’s design hub in Oslo, WeWork in Austin or Punpace in Chiang Mai with a freshly brewed cup of coffee working on some challenging and rewarding work you have chosen yourself? We’re just waiting for the right infrastructure for it to be possible. A system for people to work independently while still having a steady income stream, a safe work environment, insurance and a place to work.

Well, we’re not waiting, we are working hard on it: We are creating a digital infrastructure to empower the freedom economy - starting with the creatives who have already freed themselves from the corporations and agencies in big numbers.

Do what you love.
From where you want, when you want.
Join our movement.