FAQ about invoicing and payments for Graphiq subcontractors

  • When can I send an invoice for a project I complete through Graphiq?

    You can send the invoice at project completion or at month's end for on-going projects. Remember to get approval of deliverables from the client before sending the invoice. And complete the project by marking the project as completed by clicking “Complete project” in the designated project room.

  • How and where shall I send the invoice? 

    The invoice shall be sent with EHF or as a PDF by email to invoice@graphiq.design (the email is not read by a human).

  • What information details shall be included on the invoice?

    Graphiq’s business information: 

    • Business name: Graphiq Technologies AS
    • Address: c/o MESH, Møllergata 6-8, 0179 Oslo, Norway
    • VAT ID / Org. nr.: 916 492 642 MVA

    Project details related to the invoice: 

    • End client’s business name
    • Graphiq project name (exactly as stated in the Graphiq platform)
    • The related deliverable name and quantity for which you are billing. This needs to correspond with the approved proposal in the Graphiq platform to be approved by our financial team. 

    Your business details:

    • Business name and/or your name
    • Your phone number
    • Your email address
    • VAT ID / Org. nr.:
    • Address
    • KID (optional for those who use this)

    Your bank details: 

    • Bank account number
    • Bank name*
    • IBAN*
    • BIC/SWIFT*

    *For all suppliers based outside of Norway.

    Here is an example of how an invoice should look like when sending it to us.

  • How many days should I use as the maturity date on invoices? 

    The standard number of maturity days are 30 days (in accordance with our supplier terms [sett inn lenke til terms].

  • How do I invoice on-going projects?

    On-going projects are invoiced at the end of each month and preferably within the first five days in the following month. For on-going projects please provide a monthly report stating the performed work. This can either be done by: 

    • Adding the corresponding hours or deliverables directly on the invoice as deliverables / line items. 
    • Sending an invoice with a total amount and an attached timesheet indicating the performed work.This needs to be sent as one merged PDF. 

    Tip! All work shall be approved by the end client before sending an invoice. Please provide monthly or continuous updates in writing on work delivered directly to the client in the project communication channel to avoid any disagreements or misunderstandings.

  • How do I invoice for larger projects spanning multiple months?

    As a principle all projects are invoiced at project completion. For larger projects spanning multiple months we accommodate installment payment in accordance with work delivered. In these cases invoicing shall follow the same process as invoicing for on-going projects above.

  • I have already completed a project, but the client requested extra work. How do I update the approved deliverables or hours worked so I can include this on the invoice?

    Please contact the responsible Graphiq agent for the project. The agent will be able to add the extra work on your behalf to the project. When this is done you can invoice the extra work as normal.

  • How can I check if my invoice is paid?

    You’ll receive a notification in Slack when our financial team has reviewed and approved the invoice. All invoices will be paid according to the maturity date of our subcontractor's terms (i.e. 30 days).

  • My invoice is due and I haven’t received payment?

    We pride ourselves in ensuring timely payments, so we are sorry. Please let us know which invoice you haven’t received payment for and we’ll have a look at it as soon as possible.

  • I still have a question I need help with, where should I ask?

    That’s fine, we are here to help. You can ask your question by sending a direct message in Slack to Jakob Palmers or by email jakob@graphiq.design.

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