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Vetting process

• Our technology and people repeatedly search the web for the best creatives.

• We also receive referrals from our top performing creatives.
Manually Curated
• Through our screening process we ensure portfolios, client references and competence fulfill our quality standard.

• Never worry about finding the right creative quality for your job, ever again.
Always improving
• We maintain a top performing colletive through collecting continous feedback from clients and creatives.

• We monitor client reviews, milestone achievements and deliverables. Everything to ensure your projects are succesful.

experience from world class brands

A nordic based creative collective

Spiced with creative talent from all over the world

A Community where Freelancers Thrive

"You guys are killing it! I've really enjoyed this whole process. It really makes the life of being a freelancer so much easier"

— Brady, UX/UI designer, Copenhagen

"Working through Graphiq is so smooth and energizing. I decided to travel to Florida for a month to experience a different culture and broaden my perspective. Thanks to Graphiq I could do this while still working with clients through the platform."

— Mia, Brand Designer and Illustrator, Trondheim (occasionally Florida)

Experience The advantage of the independent workforce

1-on-1 working

• Talk and work directly with the best creatives available.
• No middle men slowing down the process, get more shit done.

Flexible and professional

• Our platform automates the boring stuff, so the creatives can focus on getting the job done.
• Unlike traditional agencies, our independent creatives are available when you need them.

Creativity has no boundaries

• Don't limit your ambitions to what you know.
• We can provide creatives with a wide skillset to achieve what you haven't been able to envision yet.
• Describe your need and we'll find the right creative for you.

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